Fabrica??o e reformas de máquinas de massas alimentícias
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos

PureClassic Household Clipper



Detail information:

Battery  2600mA Lithium High-capacity  battery
World-wide voltage: 
Motor  3.7V DC
Charging time  3-5 hours for 300 minutes use
Corded or cordless

JM-9500 serial are one of the latest professional hair clippers developed by Homebeauty. For the super stylists or barber who need a perfect performance cordless hair clipper, it’s the best to chose from. Most of them has a charging base for option, you can always have a ready-battery to go. Designed to be ultra-durable, rust-resistant and detachable blade, JM-9500 serial lead the trend.

?Ergonomic&Low noise design
?Integrated adjustment from 0.8mm-2.0mm
?High performance motor for easy&smooth cutting 
?Three spead rate 
?Led display
?Include four attachment combs, clean, brush, oil

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Long-term use
                             ?                                                                                            ?
Strong cut                              ?                                                                                            ?
Style     hair/moustache/beard                                    hair/moustache/beard
Corded/cordless                         cordless                                                                                  cordless
Accessories                               1                                                                                               1


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